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Elegant Super Fairy White Short Grape Flower Piece Bridal Gloves


  • Delicate sheer fabric for a comfortable fit
  • Exquisite floral appliqué for a touch of nature-inspired romance
  • Modern and elegant design
  • A unique and memorable bridal accessory
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Embrace Ethereal Elegance with Floral Bridal Gloves

These enchanting floral Short bridal gloves offer a unique and sophisticated statement for the bride who seeks a touch of nature’s beauty on her special day.

Whisper-Soft Sheer with a Touch of Romance

These delicate, short gloves are crafted from a translucent material that gracefully drapes over your hands. The sheer fabric makes your natural skin tone subtly peek through, creating a soft and ethereal look. This lightweight, comfortable design ensures you feel confident and elegant throughout your wedding celebration.

A Touch of Nature Blooms at Your Wrist

The true magic of these gloves lies in the exquisite floral appliqué adorning the wrist. Delicate, white, petal-like details are layered together, resembling a beautiful flower or a cluster of grapes. This nature-inspired embellishment adds a touch of romantic charm to your bridal look, evoking a sense of whimsical elegance.

Modern Design for the Discerning Bride

The modern design of these gloves ensures they seamlessly complement your wedding gown. They offer a subtle yet impactful enhancement to your bridal ensemble, speaking volumes about your appreciation for nature’s beauty and desire for a unique and graceful touch.

Perfect for the Modern Fairytale Wedding

These floral bridal gloves are ideal for the bride who seeks a touch of fairytale romance on her wedding day. They pair beautifully with various wedding gowns and formal dresses, adding a touch of whimsical charm and sophisticated elegance to any style.

Product Details:

  • Material: Sheer fabric and floral appliqué
  • Color: White
  • Length: Short

Embrace Your Inner Fairytale

Let these enchanting floral bridal gloves add a touch of magic to your wedding day look. Order yours today and celebrate your special day in a style that reflects your love for nature and your unique sense of elegance!

Additional Selling Points:

  • Comfortable and lightweight for all-day wear
  • High-quality materials for a luxurious feel
  • A timeless and elegant design with a unique twist
  • A perfect gift for brides-to-be


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