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Elegant Long Flocking Dot Mesh Fingerless Cuff in White


  • Sheer mesh fabric for a touch of ethereal beauty
  • Playful flocked dots for a classic texture
  • Billowy puff sleeves for a touch of whimsy
  • Delicate bows for a feminine finishing touch
  • Fingerless design for freedom and style
  • A modern take on historical fashion
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Embrace Romantic Elegance with Puffy Dotted Mesh Bridal Sleeves

Step into a world of romantic elegance and vintage charm with these exquisite puffy dotted mesh bridal sleeves, the perfect detachable accessory to transform your bridal look.

A Symphony of Sheer Mesh and Playful Dots

Crafted from a whisper-soft sheer mesh fabric, these sleeves drape gracefully over your arms, adding a touch of ethereal beauty to your bridal ensemble. The delicate flocked dots adorn the fabric and provide a playful yet classic texture reminiscent of a bygone era.

Billowy Puff Sleeves for a Touch of Whimsy

Each sleeve is gathered at the arm, creating a billowy effect that tapers into a fitted cuff around the wrist. This voluminous silhouette adds a touch of whimsy to your bridal look, reminiscent of fairytale princesses and vintage fashion icons.

Delicate Bows for a Finishing Touch

The cuffs of these sleeves are embellished with delightful bows tied in a ribbon, adding a touch of feminine charm to your bridal ensemble. These delicate details perfectly complement the flocked dots’ playful texture and the sleeves’ billowy silhouette.

Fingerless Design for Freedom and Style

The fingerless design of these sleeves allows for freedom of movement and the display of any bridal jewelry, such as rings or bracelets. This versatile design ensures you can showcase your style and accessorize your bridal look to perfection.

A Modern Take on Historical Fashion

These detachable bridal sleeves give a nod to historical fashion while remaining thoroughly modern, allowing a bride to customize her look with these exquisite accessories. They strike a perfect balance between showing the skin with a hint of modesty and providing a soft, feminine frame to the upper body.

Product Details:

  • Material: Sheer mesh fabric with flocked dots
  • Color: White (or specify available colors)
  • Length: Long

Complete Your Bridal Ensemble with Romantic Elegance

Embrace the essence of romantic elegance and vintage charm with these exquisite puffy dotted mesh bridal sleeves. Order yours today and create a bridal look that will be remembered forever!

Additional Selling Points:

  • Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear
  • A perfect gift for brides-to-be
  • Can be paired with a variety of bridal gowns and ensembles
  • A unique and memorable bridal accessory


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